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Radio Station Services:

In-Language Radio is a consultant and sales representative to over fifty radio and television stations across the US and Canada. ILR client stations serve non-English speaking communities, historically those of Latin American or Asian origin. Typically, In-Language Radio helps convert stations from English to non-English formats in a process that involves ethnic market research, format content development, creation of strategic alliances with existing ethnic media, overseeing FCC compliance, and development of sales and programming contracts. Sometimes ILR is the sole sales agent for these stations; sometimes it serves as an outside rep firm; an adjunct to their own sales force. 

Program Services:

In-Language Radio creates broadcasting opportunities. ILR often works with existing ethnic print or television media to create radio programming that supports their primary media; radio being the ideal complementary media to print, television, and on-line content. In-Language Radio brings over thirty years of experience to every new radio program and new radio producer. In-Language Radio works with new programmers in technical planning, sales strategies, staffing, and marketing. The success of the programmer is integral to the success of ILR and the station itself. All parties want a large listening audience and customer base. 

Agency Services:

In-Language Radio places more purchases of ethnic broadcast airtime than any other company in the US, affording both independent producers and commercial advertisers a commensurate cost savings. It never costs the time buyer more to retain In-Language Radio; it is an assurance of getting the best value for a media investment. In-Language Radio consults directly with most Asian-language radio broadcasters and stations (or in some cases manages them exclusively). This results in overall product and rate knowledge that benefits all parties. In-Language Radio has full production facilities in every major European and Asian language. Voice talents employed by In-Language Radio are always radio professionals whose first language is the one in which the commercial matter is broadcast. Consequently, selling points are retained within appropriate cultural and linguistic nuance. 

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